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Oliver Lundy Photography


I am a Berkshire based photographer specialising in automotive photography.  I love all types of photography and video.  If I have a camera in my hand or a cool car to play with, or ideally both! I am a happy man.

I offer a range of different services for both stills and video and work with private individuals, local businesses and bigger brands on both small and large projects and ongoing contracts. 

I believe that no two jobs are the same and every client requires a bespoke service suited to their needs and requirements.  I also discovered a long time ago that liking the people you work with makes all the difference.  I like to enjoy my work and have fun on my sessions so if you love life, cars or photography I want to work with you. 

While automotive photography is my speciality I also enjoy and offer, portraiture, product, food and event photography.  This approach has given me a well rounded knowledge set and allows me to to draw inspiration and insights from multiple genres.

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